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Our Mission


“At EVERYWATER, we are creating sustainable solutions for the dynamic and burgeoning water challenges of the world.”

Our Team

Message from our Chairman

"Join us to be a part of our impactful journey"

We aim to change the lives of millions around the globe while creating value for all the stakeholders. Our commitment to innovation coupled with our revolutionary technology puts us at the forefront of modern technology in today’s growing water industry. We are strategically placed in Singapore and focused to participate in the growing Regional and International markets.

Board members

Murtaza Hashwani

Murtaza Hashwani

Deputy Chairman and CEO Hashoo Group, Chairman board at EVERYWATER


Murtaza Hashwani an alumnus of, Karachi American School, has a bachelor’s in business management from Santa Monica Los Angles and an alumnus of Harvard Business School. Mr. Murtaza is passionate about water conservation and finding economic solutions to providing access to clean drinking water. He is Deputy Chairman and CEO of Hashoo Group. Established in 1960, Hashoo group interest spans across hospitality, oil and gas exploration and production, information technology, investment, minerals, ceramics pharmaceuticals, travel and tourism, Real Estate, and commodity trading business.

As a pioneer in Pakistan’s Hotel and Tourism Industry, Hashoo Group is the largest player, owner, and operator of hotels throughout the country. Murtaza is an innovation enthusiast and is the founder of Zahdan Group, which is a franchise partner of Tejari a leading B2B online marketplace in the emerging markets. Its main objective is to be the future of Commerce in Pakistan by being the sole point of trade for businesses in Pakistan. Not only locally but also across the globe. On the philanthropic side, Murtaza is Chairman of the Hashoo Foundation, which is a knowledge-based and impact-oriented organization with the mission to leverage knowledge as capital to help bring about socio-economic transformation. Promotion and protection of the environment to reduce the negative effects of climate change is also one of Hashoo Foundation’s focus areas.

Syed Javed

Syed Javed

Board member at Invency, Board Member & CEO EVERYWATER


Syed Javed director and CEO of EveryWater is an experienced financial services industry professional and a technology enthusiast with multiple industry-first projects and solutions to his credit. Javed is director of Invency Pte Ltd, the lead investor in EveryWater. He is a member of the Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue policy board, Chairman of Pakistan Revenue Automation Pvt Ltd a public sector company, Member Board of Directors of Zari Taraqiati Bank Ltd (Agriculture Development Bank), and a Trustee of Karachi Port Trust.

Shehzad Shabbir Dahar

Shehzad Shabbir Dahar

Commercial Director of Zahdan Group, Board member at EVERYWATER


Shehzad graduated from London Business School with a BA Hons in Business Studies, he brings with him more than 25 years of rich, versatile, and hands-on experience of managing end to end management experience of Hospitality, Technology, Lifestyle & Retail projects in Pakistan, the Gulf Region, and Pan Asia.

Shehzad is Chairman of the board for Ascendant a Hospitality Tech Solutions Company. At Everywater, Mr. Shehzad has been a driving force assisting to establish partnerships and expanding on the idea of liquid separation technology pioneering in water purification beyond human consumption to include waste-water treatment and treating brackish water for use in agriculture. Shehzad started his career with Hashoo Group where he excelled in Hospitality & Contract Sales. Shehzad has successfully established a regional B2B Marketplace “Tejari Pakistan”, which under his leadership as Country director and board member, has registered impressive growth both in the Public & Private Sector. Shehzad sits on the board of Invency, a Singapore INC investing in globally disruptive new ventures in ePayments, Logistics, and Biotech.

A call to investors

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EVERYWATER has partnered with some of the world’s leading companies. If you feel you would also like to
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Powerful partnerships

A powerful vision requires strong, trustworthy partners. We have teamed up with industry leaders
to ensure commitment to quality.


An international brand and design agency with one of Europe’s largest design studios.


The largest chemical producer in the world, supporting with material for membrane manufacturing.

South Korea

One of the world’s leading membrane spinning and testing equipment manufacturers.


A public company, listed on Euronext Access Paris, which owns patented technology to develop interictally germ-resistant materials.


An industry-leading and award-winning membrane and water treatment systems design company based in Singapore.