Join us in restoring the basic human right of clean drinking water for all.

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Could you imagine a world without access to clean drinking water?

This is the reality for so many people in impoverished areas around the world. Living in constant fear of sickness from such an essential component of life. The EVERYWATER team understands what life is without clean water and made it their mission to develop a solution that could restore access to clean drinking water for all.

Driven by their passion to bring about real change, EVERYWATER has pioneered a ground-breaking new filtration technology. An intrinsically anti-microbial membrane ready to provide safe, clean water through a range of household and industrial products.


We believe clean drinking water is your right!

We've ensured that safe drinking water is no longer exclusive. Access for everyone, everywhere, anytime.

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Highly efficient

Our intrinsically anti-microbial ultra-filtration membranes are able to filter 99.9999% of harmful contaminants from any water source.

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Immediate purification

Clean drinking water without waiting. Requiring little pressure, water flows through the filter with a high flux rate and is immediately ready for consumption

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For all

Cost effective

With the aid of ground-breaking new ERM technology, the EVERYWATER filter is able to achieve extended periods of high efficacy at very low costs. This means access to clean drinking water for all.

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Why US

Why Us

The EVERYWATER mission

"Restoring the fundamental right of clean water for everyone."

Having personally suffered its devastating effects, EVERYWATER co-founder, Shayan Sohail, fully understands the desperate need of those without access to clean drinking water. He vowed to find a solution that would eradicate waterborne illnesses for all. Thanks to a collaborative effort from industry leaders across the globe, ground-breaking new ERM (Esoteric Resistive Membrane) technology makes this a reality.

This significant step forward in filter innovation restores hope to the very people that inspired the mission.

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“We believe in the fundamental right of clean water for everyone.”


The house of innovation


Our Singapore headquarter is home to a very passionate and dedicated team of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in membrane filtration technology.

The house of innovation
A call to investors

A call to investors

Be a part of our mission

Every big goal needs strong support. EVERYWATER has teamed up with the most reputable companies in the world. Now we need you. Join us for a better tomorrow.

Our team

Multiple experts from across the globe – 1 ultimate goal

Our international team of experts have dedicated themselves to one goal - clean water for all.

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Powerful partnerships

A powerful vision requires strong, trustworthy partners. We have teamed up with industry leaders
to ensure commitment to quality.


An international brand and design agency with one of Europe’s largest design studios.


The largest chemical producer in the world, supporting with material for membrane manufacturing.

South Korea

One of the world’s leading membrane spinning and testing equipment manufacturers.


A public company, listed on Euronext Access Paris, which owns patented technology to develop interictally germ-resistant materials.


An industry-leading and award-winning membrane and water treatment systems design company based in Singapore.